Single Node Ceph Cluster Sandbox

Well I had not heard of the Ceph project until recently. I was asked about making some thing work with the Ceph S3API. After looking at these few different sites. I was able to proceed in creating a single node version of what was supposed to be 6 nodes. I wanted to be sure to storeshare the code for this.

After the preparation steps I was into the actual installation of Ceph. I found a few packages were missing both things that I wanted and a few requirements.

now lets get down to business.

Probably one of the most imporant parts was the editing of the ceph.conf as described here. As well as the fact that I missed the “1” in the above “ceph-deploy osd activate” command. You have to look closely. To use the S3 endpoint you have to set up the ceph gateway (Rados server).

once I had done that I simply needed a new user to make a connection the S3 commandline.

I then tested the python program suggested by the docs:

Then S3. Of course you need to install the S3 command line

As you can see most calls to the gateway are supported: