NOSASL- Hive 1.0 with JDBC connection timeout

So there I was using the new MapR 5.0 sandbox with Hive 1.0. A quick test of JDBC connectivity using beeline

Follow by an indefinite hang. So off I go to check logs. Hive.log, HS2 log and so on. No real output of consequence. I took a look at and turned the log level to DEBUG.

Again followed by an indefinite hang. Everything appeared to be running correctly. Nothing in the logs…To google with you! I found HIVE-6852¬†which describes an issue on the client with the SASL setting. The work around is described as adding “;auth=noSasl” which seemed to resolve the problem. Since so many folks I know use JDBC I thought this was worth a quick writeup.

NOSASL is picked up in hive-site.xml via the hive.server2.authentication property. It has three basic options NONE, NOSASL and KERBEROS. Setting NONE for hive.server.2.authenticaion in hive-site.xml would also make auth=noSasl not required.

From a  MapR perspective there is the concept of secure mode which when enabled secures connections via maprsasl mode (which is distinct from kerberos mode). Since the sandbox is configured without secure mode or kerberos setting the authentication mode is required.