Hue Job Designs

So since I am a command line zealot I wanted to understand how to submit Hadoop jobs via Hue in the Hortonworks Sandbox. There are already a ton of tutorials included with the Sandbox that are focused on the use of Hive and other tools for some of the most popular use cases like sentiment analysis. Moving beyond those examples lets say I have my own jar files? Then what? Luckily there is a Job Designer icon that allows you to submit a whole range custom jobs and have those either run immediately or be scheduled later via Oozie. Just so I could understand the mechanics I simply jarred up WordCount. This is walked through here.  In case you weren’t aware the jar HADOOP_HOME/hadoop-examples.jar contains a number of examples for you to use. Provided you have a some working code you should be able to quickly cobble together a job design in Hue that allows you to submit that code to Hadoop.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 4.23.38 PM


There is quite a collection of possibilities here including email, ssh, shell scripts and more. If you haven’t explored Job Designs in using Hue its worth your time. Previously Hue was only available with the Hortonworks Sandbox but is now available in fully distributed clusters as of HDP version 1.3.2 Hue can be installed manually.

UPDATE: I was reminded that Hue has been available as a tarball from for some time AND has been in not only the Cloudera distro but is also a part of Apache BigTop as well. This was a simple omission on my part as I usually write articles on my blog from an HDP perspective since I use it daily. Apologies to all those folks doing great work at the Hue. I know from working in this field that people love it.