Hive with JSON data

I stumbled across this and thought it would be helpful to write this up to save everyone else some time. So I went to use JSON with Hive 13 for what I thought was a pretty simple use case of creating a table with JSON data. I was looking for the right SerDe and stumbled across this blog entry stating that we should use the code from this github repo to make a jar that works with Hive 0.13. So here we go…

Sigh…so after some searching I stumbled across another few blog posts and finally a github repo fork that I cloned and built to create a jar that works with Hive 13 and Hadoop 2.4.

Ahhhh. So much better. I am using the latest HDP 2.1 sandbox for writing code so my packages are:

I will create another blog post (and link it here) to explain the version numbers of the packages in HDP.

Many Thanks to KunBetter who saved the day for us in our work at a recent customer.


This saved us many hours of aggravation. Open Source works. Give it a try. Someday someone on the other side of the planet may have the answer you need.