This site contains the thoughts and ideas of Adam Diaz. I have been a technologist for many years now starting way back in the day with the VIC 20 and the Commodore 64 in the days of the modem powered dial in BBS like on War Games.

I have moved through my career from a narrow initial focus on bioinformatics in my first startup to a broad background in enterprise computing with some of the worlds largest companies. With experience across a range of technologies I thought it was high time I had my own forum for discussing technology in a public way. People constantly ask me about different aspects of technology from how did I solve something to “hey what was that link again?”. I thought why not have a place where I dump all this content that others might benefit from it AND provide a place to discuss various interesting technologies that I like.

I can be contacted in a variety of ways. Email is usually best  adam.h.diaz@gmail.com.

TECHtonka – the technology bison.

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